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Canada Goose hides limited edition PBI blue, no outfit clashes depends on it!

As something that you may want to wear winter clothes, how to warm fashion, but not all the people in Toronto hit shirts, is a very thought-provoking questions.

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Canada goose large down jacket, a set of hidden, the shop basically no, official website is hard to find, is a Canada goose in limited edition! It also has a unique ID called PBI blue. This limited edition of canada goose mensĀ colors known as Royal Blue (Royal Blue), similar to the “Sapphire”, which symbolizes announced the birth of Jesus to the stars of the night sky, and religion, “Royal Blue” is the color of royalty in Europe welcome the emperor. Not only the United Kingdom Queen, the late Princess Diana, Kate all have added canada goose jacket to the color loved … The Royal Blue of the Canada Goose, but also a variety of stars. Korean drama TV series the heirs of Lee Min HO is wearing in this one. Limited edition of Canada Goose call PBI Blue, primarily in order to have the polar bear endangered species by the United Nations. PBI international organizations representing the world’s largest polar bears: Polar Bears International Polar bears international.

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So when you buy this limited edition down jacket, in addition to the unique Royal Blue, a unique mark canada goose black friday on the clothes: the polar bear mother holding the baby polar bear, reads “Ambassador of polar bears”, show your concern about the protection of the Arctic and support.

Therefore, this stylish and eco-friendly limited edition polar bear becomes most difficult to buy the Canada Goose is not surprising.

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